louisiana tech
April 30, 2011, No comments

Dr. Yuri Lvov, professor of chemistry and T.C. Pipes endowed chair in micro and nanosystems at Louisiana Tech University, recently led a symposium at the 241st Conference of the American […]


New Polymer Structures for use as ‘Plastic Electronics’

April 30, 2011, No comments

Iowa State University’s Malika Jeffries-EL says she’s studying doing structure-property studies so she can teach old polymers new tricks. ...


New Method Found for Controlling Conductivity

April 30, 2011, No comments

A team of researchers at MIT has found a way to manipulate both the thermal conductivity and the electrical conductivity of materials simply by changi ...


Materials Face Ultimate Test in Space

April 30, 2011, No comments

Mark Hersam of Northwestern University will be more interested than most Americans when the space shuttle Endeavour lifts off for the last time Frida ...

  • nist
    Glass Flow-Temperature Material Insights
    April 27, 2011, No comments

    Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)and Wesleyan University have used computer simulations to gain basic insights into a fundamental problem in material science related to glass-forming materials, [&hell ...

  • penn
    Data Miners Dig for Corrosion Resistance
    April 25, 2011, No comments

    A better understanding of corrosion resistance may be possible using a data-mining tool, according to Penn State material scientists. This tool may also aid research in other areas where massive […]