June 30, 2011, No comments

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., having newly developed its porous aluminum “Aluminum-Celmet,” has set up a small-scale production line at Osaka Works to accelerate development efforts toward mass production of the […]


Scientists Print out Solar Cells using Inkjet Tech

June 29, 2011, No comments

Inkjet printers, a low-cost technology that in recent decades has revolutionized home and small office printing, may soon offer similar benefits for t ...


Brookhaven Lab Wins Two R&D 100 Awards for Imaging

June 24, 2011, No comments

R&D Magazine gives R&D 100 Awards annually to the top 100 technological achievements of the year. Typically, these are innovations that transf ...


Corrosion Causing Leaks at Most US Nuclear Sites

June 24, 2011, No comments

Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of United States commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried pipin ...

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    New Material Converts Heat into Electricity
    June 22, 2011, No comments

    University of Minnesota engineering researchers in the College of Science and Engineering have recently discovered a new alloy material that converts heat directly into electricity. This revolutionary energy conversion method […]