October 15, 2013, No comments

Northern Canada’s permafrost and semi-permafrost environment is a huge challenge for designing and engineering underground pipelines, and a critical aspect of protecting both the pipeline and this sensitive environment involves […]


Fitness Test for Corrosion Protection Coatings

October 3, 2013, 2 Comments

The internal coatings of oil production facilities have to withstand multiple stresses: aggressive chemical substances, high temperatures and pressure ...


Poisoning Corrosion Brings Stainless Magnesium Closer

October 1, 2013, 2 Comments

In a discovery that could have major implications for the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, scientists have found a way to dramaticall ...


Research Sheds Light on Metal Embrittlement

September 27, 2011, No comments

Why does a solid metal that is engineered for ductility become brittle, often suddenly and with dramatic consequences, in the presence of certain liqu ...

  • nuclear
    Corrosion Causing Leaks at Most US Nuclear Sites
    June 24, 2011, No comments

    Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of United States commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows. And the number and severity […]

  • penn
    Data Miners Dig for Corrosion Resistance
    April 25, 2011, No comments

    A better understanding of corrosion resistance may be possible using a data-mining tool, according to Penn State material scientists. This tool may also aid research in other areas where massive […]

  • CF6
    China Airlines Renews Blades After Corrosion Incident
    March 19, 2011, No comments

    General Electric is contacting operators of its CF6-80E1 engines in Asia to check for corrosion on the powerplant’s high-pressure turbine blades, following three engine shutdown events on China Airlines Airbus A330-300s. Hot [&helli ...