3d carbon
November 13, 2013, No comments

New metallic structure may be stable at ambient temperature and pressure with potential applications in science and technology. A theoretical, three-dimensional (3D) form of carbon that is metallic under ambient […]


Earliest Iron Artifacts Come from Outer Space

October 25, 2013, No comments

Researchers have shown that ancient Egyptian iron beads held at the UCL Petrie Museum were hammered from pieces of meteorites, rather than iron ore. T ...


Magnesium from the Ocean Leads to Fuel-Efficient Cars

October 8, 2013, No comments

A lightweight metal that reduces fuel use in cars and planes could be extracted from the ocean through a unique process being developed at the Departm ...


Livermore Makes Breakthrough in Solar Materials Research

September 30, 2013, No comments

The use of plasmonic black metals could someday provide a pathway to more efficient photovoltaics (PV) — the use of solar panels containing phot ...

  • yale
    New Methodology Assesses Risk of Scarce Metals
    February 24, 2012, No comments

    Yale researchers have developed a methodology for governments and corporations to determine the availability of critical metals, according to a paper in Environmental Science & Technology. In “Methodology of Metal Criticality [&h ...

  • metal
    A New Kind of Metal in the Deep Earth
    January 5, 2012, No comments

    The crushing pressures and intense temperatures in Earth’s deep interior squeeze atoms and electrons so closely together that they interact very differently. With depth materials change. New experiments and supercomputer […]

  • fl
    Metallurgist Day Celebrated in Ukraine!
    August 2, 2011, No comments

    Ukraine marked the Day of Metallurgist on Sunday 31 July. On this occasion, the workers of metallurgical and mining industry were congratulated by President Viktor Yanukovych. “The development of the […]